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Jerusalem in the Jewish Belief

There are a lot of active Jewish organizations, including historical, external, and international ones, that take care of the Jewish people and their matters. They’ve worked to strengthen and empower the Jewish nation among other nations and peoples.

Suleiman’s Building in Jerusalem

The Jews believe that Suleiman (prophet Solomon) built their temple on the plateau of Moriah, in Al-Aqsa Mosque, and considered it the holiest place on […]

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Jews celebrate the Hanukkah to commemorate the reconstruction of Al-Aqsa Mosque that happened in 164 B.C. Greeks took over Jerusalem, and persecuted Jews who were […]

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Tisha B’Av

The 9th of August is a fateful day for Jews. It marks the destruction of their alleged Temple, twice. On that day, they practice mourning […]

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The Holiest Rock for Jews

The most important place for them is the sacred rock, from which people began to believe that they are the place of the most sacred […]

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Israel is Jacob; the son of Isaac, the son of Abraham, -peace be upon them all- , and the Jews claim their descent to him.

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Al-Burqa Wall

The Jews believe that this wall is the last remnant of the alleged Temple, and there, they weep for their lost properties, and there they […]

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There’s No Temple for Jews in Jerusalem

The Jewish archeologist Meir Ben Dove surprisingly admitted that “there are no traces of what is called the alleged temple under Al-Aqsa Mosque,” as they […]

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Beit Hamikdash

The most used name by the Jews for Al-Aqsa Mosque is “Beit Hamikdash”, and it means Jerusalem. They mean the place of Al-Aqsa Mosque; the […]

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The Temple of Suleiman

The Jews believe that the temple is the house of the Lord on Earth. This is the house that prophet David commanded to it to […]

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Sons of Jewish Mothers

Judaism is a religion based on race. A person is not a Jew unless his mother is a Jew. Also, it is very difficult to […]

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Balfour Declaration

It’s a promise to the Jewish people to establish a national homeland in Palestine without derogating from the civil and religious rights that the non-Jewish […]

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The Establishment Of The Occupying Power

After the Jews displaced more than 750 thousand Palestinians outside their land, and seized 77% of the land of Palestine declared their state on 14 […]

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