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The Occupying State

The establishment of what is called the Israeli State was no accident or quick decision; it has precisely been pre-planned. It started before the First World War, and Britain released the ominous Balfour Declaration, which was a British pledge to establish a national homeland for Jews on the Palestinian land. This declaration opened the door for the Jewish migration to Palestine. After the 1948 War, the establishment of the “State of Israel” in the occupied Palestine was announced.

Balfour Declaration

It’s a promise to the Jewish people to establish a national homeland in Palestine with full civil and religious rights that the non-Jewish communities living […]

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The Establishment Of The Occupying Power

After the Jews displaced more than 750 thousand Palestinians outside their land, and seized 77% of the land of Palestine declared their state on 14 […]

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The Knesset

The Knesset or the Israeli parliament is the sole legislative body of the government. It has 120 members and has a great place in the […]

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The Rabbi:( Al- Hakham )

A rabbi is a religious leader, and the word “rabbi” means “the wise, the leader, or the Lord”, and it’s the title given to Jewish […]

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