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The Origin Of The Jews

– The Jewish nation is weak, broken, and incompatible. – They suffer from all kinds of dispersion and conflict, whether it is a religious, ethnic, or ideological conflict. – Jews have come from different parts of the world. – Some Jews are religious; others are secular. – Some of them have left-wing ideology, and others have right-wing ideology.

Falash Mura

They are African Jews, they are, also, considered to be Eastern Jews, they own their special language; that can help them to read ancient eras, […]

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Conservative Judaism

It is the most important religious movement in the world, appeared in the USA; the members in this movement don’t call themselves neither Sercularists nor […]

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Reform Judaism

It is a movement that emerged by German Jews, in the middle of the 18th century. It gave up on the principles that have been […]

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Orthodox Judaism

It Is a collective religious jewish sect, appeared in the early 19th century, growing bigots groups; because of their love for early marriage and reproduction.

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