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Jewish Figures

– When we talk about the Jewish Occupation of Palestine, and the hideous violations, we should remember figures that had prominent role in committing these violations. – There are many Jewish figures that shaped the Israeli existence, and planted the seed of the Zionist ideology and doctrine. – In this section, we will mention some of them.

Gilad Shalit

Was recruited in 2005 according to forced recruitment in the occupation state, and in 2006 was arrested by the Palestinian resistance, where he was captured […]

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Yehuda Glick

A Jewish extremist political activist who incites settlers against the Palestinians and Al-Aqsa Mosque and is enabling Jews to pray at Al-Aqsa Mosque, which they […]

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Avijaa Adraei

He is a spokesman for the Israeli army of media. He was famous for his appearance on Al-Jazeera, a soldier in the Israeli army since […]

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Shimon Peres

Shimon Peres gained his fame after the Oslo agreement and is considered the architect of the nuclear program! He led a military aggression in which […]

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Isaac Shamir

Isaac Shamir, the seventh prime minister of Israel, assumed the post of prime minister of the occupying power for 6 years in rotation with Shimon […]

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Isaac Rabin

Isaac Rabin joined the Zionist terrorist Palmach gang. He was appointed chief of staff of the Israeli army and was prime minister. He led the […]

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Menachem Begin

He is the sixth prime minister of the occupying state and the founder of the far-right Likud party. As a result of the Zionist idea, […]

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Golda Meir

Is a Zionist that raised  $500 million from Jews living in the United States of America and bought weapons in support of Jewish gangs that […]

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Ehud Olmert

Olmert was born in a Jewish family known for belonging to the hardline movement in the Zionist movement. He began his military service in Battalion […]

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David Ben-Gurion

Ben-Gurion Airport was named after David (David) Ben-Gurion, who was the first prime minister of the occupying state. The position in 1948 was to unify […]

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Tzipi Livni

She is the foreign minister of the former occupation state. She became a minister in 2005 and resigned in 2012 after being prosecuted as a […]

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Theodor Herzl

He is a Jew who worked in the press and called the Jews to “Integration into peoples” was through his idea (Zionism for the Jewish […]

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