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The History of Jerusalem

– The first thing that occurs to our minds when we hear the expression “Jerusalemite women” that they were ones who loved Jerusalem, lived in it, and served Bayt Al-Maqdis; they even grew up in it. – Some of them are the wife of Imran; Mary’s mother, Mary PBUH, and the wife of Prophet Mohammed; Safiyah bint Hayiy bin Akhtab.

The Farmers’ Market Massacre (Souq Al-Khudar Massacre)

In December 31st 1937, one of the members of the Zionist Itzel organization threw a bomb on the farmers’ market near Nablus Gate in Jerusalem. […]

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Al-Quds Al-A’rabiyya Market Massacre

In 1938, the Itzel organization set off a car bomb east Jerusalem, which resulted in the killing of 34 Arabs, and the injury of other […]

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As-Salam Building Massacre

In 1948, an attack was carried out by the Stern Gang on As-Salam Building in Jerusalem. They stole a British military vehicle and filled it […]

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Qalounya Massacre

In 1948, a unit in the Palmach terrorist fighting force attached the village of Qalounya, near Jerusalem. They destroyed many houses and killed at least […]

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The Second Intifada

 In September 19th 2000, Ariel Sharon stormed Al-Aqsa Mosque, which resulted in clashes between the Muslim worshipers and the Ocuupation forces. 7 Muslims were killed […]

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An-Naksah, or the Six—Day War

In June 1967, the Arab armies went into a war on the Occupation army, rejecting the Israeli settlement. The Occupation made a surprising swift move […]

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Talut and Goliath

During the reign of the Canaanite king Goliath, Jews were humiliated. They asked their prophet to choose them a king, to lead them to get […]

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1948 war

Palestine was under the British Mandate. In 1948, the British government pulled out of Palestine, and the Jewish Council in Tel Aviv declared he establishment […]

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The Massacre of 614

In 614, Persians invaded Palestine. They deported Christians, robbed Jerusalem, and destroyed the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. Jews helped them in that, out of […]

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Al-Aqsa Massacre – 1990

In one day of 1990, there were 4000 worshipers in Al-Aqsa Mosque, and Jews were placing the cornerstone of their alleged Temple. Clashed occurred between […]

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The Second Aqsa Massacre

In 1996, the Israeli authorities opened the gate of the western tunnel under Al-Aqsa Mosque. A Palestinian popular outburst extended all the way from north […]

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The Maccabees Revolution

In 165 B.C, the Jew followers of Juda Maccabee rebelled. He led the group of Jews who held on their religion despite the oppression of […]

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