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Jerusalem and the Maghreb

Al-Magharibah Gate

It’s located on the southwestern side of Al-Aqsa Mosque. It was named after the fact that it overlooks Al-Magharibah Quarter, which was designated as waqf […]

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Al-Magharibah Quarter

After liberating the city from the hands of the Crusaders, King Al-Afdal ‘Son of An-Nasir Saladin” designated the entire Magharibah Quarter as waqf for the […]

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Al-Magharibah Quarter and Occupation

After few days of the occupation of Jerusalem in 1967, the occupiers destroyed Al-Magharibah Quarter, which contained 135 archeological structures. Ignoring the Palestinian inherent right […]

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Algerian Letters Defending Jerusalem

The Head of the Manuscript Department of Al-Aqsa Mosque pointed out that Jerusalem’ archive includes letters that were sent from Algeria, protesting against the knocking […]

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The Algerian and Palestinian Peoples

The Algerian relation with Palestine started with their Moroccan ancestors, as Algeria was known back then as Central Morocco. During their Haj journey, the ancestors […]

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Algerians in Jerusalem

Tens of Algerian families still live in the Jerusalemite quarters, and still have street stores and waqf properties. Yet, the Occupation authorities keep stifling. Nothing […]

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