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The History Of Jerusalem in the Ayyubids and Mamluks age

Introduction: – In the minds of Muslims, the liberation of Jerusalem is associated with An-Nasir King Yusuf bin Ayyub, because he led the Muslim Army to liberate the city. Imad Ad-Din Zinki put this plan, and lived his life chasing and fighting the Crusaders. – After the death of Noor Ad-Din, many people thought it was over, and the Crusaders rejoiced. – The princes in the house of Zinki disputed over the next Caliph. Later, some people appealed to Saladin, who reunited the nation and ended divisions. Regarding the way of ruling, he followed an approach similar to Noor Ad-Din’.…

Al Najmi’s Liberation

After Salah Ad-din Al Ayobi has died and disagreements started between the leaders who had chosen and their surrendered Jerusalem to the Christians. Sultan Najm […]

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Imad Al-Din Zinke’s scheme

The liberalization strategy that has been set up by Imad Al-Din Zinke, and developed by Nour Al-Din Zinke and Salah Al-Din Al-Ayoubi, was divided into […]

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Rostrum Of Nour Al-Din

It was one of the masterpieces that has been created by human beings; which was a symbol of victory, liberalization and dignity for 800 years, […]

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Names and Titles

It was very known to launch names and titles in the Ayyubids age, such as: “Yousef Bin Ayoub”; who was called “Salah Al Din”, and, […]

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Al-Salahi Conquest

Jerusalem city was liberated after Hitteen Battle on Friday, 27 Rajab /583 AH, on the same day that commemorates Al-Isra’a and Al-Me’raj Night Jorney. Sultan […]

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