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The History Of Jerusalem in the Ottoman Age

– The people of Jerusalem handed the keys of the city to the Ottomans before the reign of the Mamelukes was over. -This era was rich in the social, urban, and artistic development movements, like building Takayah (sort of almshouses) and mosques.

The Ottomans In Jerusalem

In 922 Hijri, “ Marj Dabiq battle “ broke out, between The Ottomans and Mamluks, therefore, people of Jerusalem presented its key to the Ottoman […]

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The First Era Of The Jews

In 1799, The Jews supported at that time “ Napoleon “, during his blockade of “ Acre ” city, for that reason, “Napoleon “ promised […]

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Sultan Abdul-Hamid II

Sultan Abdul-Hamid II, defended Palestine, especially, Jerusalem. He prohibited The Jews from settlement and migration; which led to his isolation of the succession by the […]

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