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Jerusalem Families

The Jerusalemites are less than half of the population in Jerusalem. They are about 37% of the total population in Jerusalem. The rest 63% is accounted for the Israeli settlements. The Occupation works to reduce the percentage of the Jerusalemite population to less than 30%, to enhance the demographic preponderance of the settlements.

The Canaanites of Arabia

The Canaanites settled in Jerusalem 2500 years ago and printed their character, which has not changed in spite of many times, including the era of […]

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The Jebusites

The tribe of Bint built the city of Jerusalem (Yebos), and settled in it after their emigration from the Arabian Peninsula to the Levant and […]

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Abu Al-So’oud

They lived next to the Moroccan neighborhood, and the Zionists demolished their homes, including Hassan Abu al-So’oud one of the preachers of the Aqsa in […]

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Among the most prominent families of Palestine, many men emerged from them, and this family played an important role in the history of Jerusalem. The […]

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This family was attributed to Ibn Hobeish, the fourth grandfather of Sheikh al-Budairi. The family of Ibn Hobeish settled in Jerusalem before the Sheikh 150 […]

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A branch of the kashakila from Hebron who are attributed to Prince Badr al-Kashkoli, who descended from al-Harith ibn Abd al-Muttalib, including the martyr Muhammad […]

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A group of them live in the core school of Bab Al-Hadid, including Sheikh Saad Khatib, who sent several cables to the National League in […]

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They came from the kings and supervisors of Morocco and settled in Jerusalem with their grandfather Muhammad al-Alami in the tenth century AH, including a […]

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Of the old families in Jerusalem,they were living in the Argonne school in Bab El Hadid, some of whom held high-level military posts; for example, […]

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They were among the sons of Uday ibn Ka’b ibn Quraish. They were from the family of Jadallah in the village of Rafat-Nablus. One of […]

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Abu Ghosheh

They descended to Jerusalem in the sixteenth century AD, and entrusted them Sultan Selim Ottoman to guard the road between Jerusalem and Jaffa in return […]

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Appeared in the 9th century AH Prince Nasser Al-Din Nashashibi, the Nazir of Jerusalem and Hebron, and this name refers to the make-up of their […]

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