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Jerusalem Villages

– The City of Jerusalem has more than 50 villages spread from north to south. – Like all the landmarks in Jerusalem, the occupation tries to eradicate their Islamic and Arab characters, and Judaize them. -Yet, their names, and residents, remain as a striking proof that they belong to the people of Jerusalem.

Ashou’ Village

Location: Located west of Jerusalem, 21 km away. The name: As for the presence of the shrine of the Prophet Joshua. Its area of ​​land: […]

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Abu Dees Village

Location: Located east of Jerusalem, 4 km away. Its land area: 30000 dunums. The surrounding villages: El-Tur, El-Eizariya, Silwan, Sur Baher. The most important characteristic […]

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Beit Hanina Village

Location: Located north of Jerusalem, 8 km away. Its area of ​​land: (16284) dunums. Surrounding villages: Hazma, Nabi Yaqub, Shu’fat, Wolfta, and Ram. The most […]

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