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Jerusalemite Cuisine

Tatbeelit Al-Dilie’ is one of the dishes that the Jerusalemite families make in Eid Al-Fitr. It consists of cooked rice with onions and chicken stock, and roast beef.  

Eid cookies

It is one of most well-known cookies in the Arab countries, also, in Jerusalem, it is made of: flour, semolina, and stuffed with dates and […]

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Tatbelat Al-Dalae

It is one of the most delicious dishes; which is served in Eid Al-Fetir, it is consisted of: chopped meat with the chicken stock, and […]

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It is consisted of small granules of flour, cooked with tomato and chopped onion, with hummus. It is a popular dish, prepared in popular occasions […]

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Al-sous syrup is sweetest than the usual sugar, it quenches the thirst, it supplies festers with energy. It is considered to be an important herbal […]

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It is impossible for Ramadan to pass on to any Jerusalem family without hosting Its table with the famous dish in Jerusalem. ” Al-Maqloubah” it […]

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Jerusalem bread

Jerusalem bread are considered to be the most popular biscuits in Jerusalem, Palestinians are keeping the secret of its unique recipe and taste. They eat […]

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It is considered to be one of the most delicious sweets associated with Jerusalem and religious events consisted of: Semolina, flour and yogurt, fried with […]

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Al-Hareesa is one of sweet pastries for young people and elderly in Jerusalem, as it’s ingredients are found in any house, and here what are […]

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Al-Kharoub syrup

Al-Kharoub syrup is Jerusalemites favorite syrup during Ramadan. It is a cool moisturizing and refreshing drink that quenches the summer thirst, and it seems to […]

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Qatayef sweets are one of the most important rituals of Ramadan, in Jerusalem and elsewhere. It is renewed every year, a sweet paste grilled on […]

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Al-Awama is an old Shamya desserts, it is famous for its fragile texture and its well-prepared recipe. It is prepared with a very simple ingredients. […]

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Al-galab syrup

This syrup is one of the favorite syrups for Palestinians in Ramadan, which It consists of a pinch of raisins or date molasses. It restores […]

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