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The Markets in the Old Town

Generally, people get attracted to ancient and historic markets. In Jerusalem, they get attracted to markets that are close to the archeological, historic, and Jerusalemite landmarks, like Al-Aqsa Mosque, that has many markets around it. Some markets have been Judaized, like Al-Bashoura and Al-Husur markets in 1968, and others remained the same until now, like Khan Az-Zeit and Al-Bazar markets. These markets are characterized by having historic decorations and fine architecture.


The Old Town is full of Historic markets with historic decorations and manifestations of fine architecture. Some of the most famous markets are Khan Az-Zeit, […]

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Al-Lahhameen Market – the Meat Market

It was named the Meat Market because it has a lot of meat and fresh fish shops. It was built during the period of the […]

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The Markets of the City of Jerusalem

The markets of the Old Town were built in the Umayyad era. They consist of narrow roads, and on their sides are shops. On top […]

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Ad-Dibagha Market – Tanning Market

During the Ottoman era, this market was different than the other markets in the Old Town, due to the large number of the craftspeople working […]

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Al-Bashoura Market

One of the ancient markets in Jerusalem. It dates back to the Roman Era. The word “Bashoura” means “castle”. This market is characterized by the […]

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Al-Attarin Market (Perfume Market)

It was named after that fact that contains a lot of perfume and incense. This makes the market smells good. Its arch roof goas back […]

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At-Tujjar Market – the Eastern Market

It is one of the most important markets in Jerusalem. It is located inside the walls of the Old Town. It has many names, like: […]

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Bab As-Silsila Market

It was named after its location near As-Silsila gate, which is one of Al-Aqsa’s gates. In this market, there are archaeologies, like Al-Khaldiyya Library. The […]

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Al-Bazar Market

What was being sold in Al-Bazar Market back in the day? And what was special about the goods in this market? The shops in Al-Bazar […]

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Bab Hitta Market

It is in Bab Hitta Quarter. Bab Hitta is one of Al- Aqsa Mosque’s gates. Nowadays, the market is one of the single markets that […]

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Aftimos Market

It was named after one of the Christian clergymen in the city. He built this market in 1902, in the Ottoman era. The market is […]

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Al-Husur Market

What is the smallest market in the Old Town? Al-Husur Market is the smallest market in the Old Town, and it is one of the […]

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