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The Situation in Jerusalem

Proper and adequate housing is one of the civilian’s basic rights that the occupying Zionist Entity has taken away from the Jerusalemites. It also works to achieve political goals, through urban planning in the City of Jerusalem. The people of Jerusalem have faced a lot of problems regarding providing housing, for the sake of protecting the sacredness of the city and its Arab identity.

Prevention of Calling for Prayers (Al-Athan):

The occupation works to prevent AL-Athan entirely through loudspeakers in the mosques of Jerusalem and the occupied Palestinian territories in 1948 through a law in […]

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Time-space Division

The time-space division of Al-Aqsa is the division of the times of entry of Muslims and Jews to Al-Aqsa Mosque, by allocating specific hours for […]

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Jerusalemite Residents

The Jerusalemites represent 37% of the total population in Jerusalem, while the Israeli settlements represents the other 67%. The occupation seeks to reduce the Arab’s […]

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Excavations of Umayyad Palaces

There is an area called the “Umayyad palaces”. These excavations extend from it to “Silwan City” and a tunnel extends up to Al-Buraq Square to […]

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How do I serve Al Aqsa Mosque?

The donations help in serving Al-Aqsa, through the restoration and maintenance of the buildings, and establishing development projects in it, which reflects well on the […]

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Licensing Buildings in Jerusalem

The occupation imposes difficult conditions on citizens of Jerusalem, to obtain a building permit, which may cost more than $ 60,000. The number of unlicensed […]

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The Suffering of Palestinian Prisoners

The prisoners of Jerusalem have a special case of suffering as the occupation authorities refrain from including their names on the list of those released […]

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Poverty among citizens of Jerusalem

The percentage of poverty between the citizens of Jerusalem reached about 82%. In the ancient town, more than 35% of the shops were closed due to […]

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Time division

After 2000, the occupation established times to visit Jews to Al Aqsa Mosque. Sunday through Thursday, from 7 am (8 pm) to 11 am and […]

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The Penalty of Accessing to Al-Aqsa Mosque

The occupation not only harasses Jerusalemites inside Al-Aqsa Mosque, but also, persecutes Al-Aqsa pilgrims to their homes and drives them late at night, imposing heavy […]

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The Israeli Municipality is responsible for the planning and construction of the roads in the Palestinian neighborhoods of East Jerusalem on the residents themselves, as […]

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The Green Areas

17,000 dunams of land in East Jerusalem were classified as green areas and land for services and roads. This means that it is forbidden to […]

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