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Education in Jerusalem

Education is an essential pillar in Jerusalem. It contributes in building the society, that’s why the occupation works hard to Judaize this sector and control it. Judaizing education leads to achieving the occupation’s goals and to the Judaization of the entire city of Jerusalem.

Jerusalem Schools

Schools in Jerusalem suffer a lack of teachers, especially after the construction of the Barrier that prevents non-Palestinians of entering Jerusalem, in addition to preventing […]

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Teaching the methods of occupation

The occupation authorities forced some schools to put the slogan of the occupation on school textbooks and modified its curricula to suit his desire in return […]

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The Occupation of Schools in Jerusalem

Schools affiliated to the municipality of the occupation are the main supervisors of schools in Jerusalem, where nearly half of Jerusalemite students study in their schools.

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“ Tawjihi “ certificate holders

Following the implementation of the Israeli curriculum in schools in Jerusalem, teachers refused to teach. The Israeli Ministry of Education appointed principals and teachers in […]

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Schools in Jerusalem

Schools in Jerusalem are either affiliated to the Israeli Ministry of Education, the Jordanian Ministry of Awqaf, private bodies, or the UNRWA.

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