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Excavations of Al - Aqsa Mosque

Jerusalem has been home to a lot of successive civilizations over successive decades. It has a very high archeological value. The latest of what Jerusalem has witnessed is the Israeli occupation, that was subsequent to the British Mandate. It is known that any occupier who seeks to take over any land needs to take advantage of everything on that land, have control over all the imports and exports, and have roads that enable them to shape the place’s nature as they want it. This is actually what the Israeli occupation has done through various means. The most severe means used…

Excavations of Umayyad Palaces

There is an area called the “Umayyad palaces”. These excavations extend from it to “Silwan City” and a tunnel extends up to Al-Buraq Square to […]

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Silwan and “Wadi Hilwa” Excavations

These excavations are located approximately 100 m from the southern fence of Al- Aqsa. These excavations are located at the entrance to “Wadi Hilweh” in […]

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The First Excavations after the Israeli Occupation

The occupation resumed the excavations in Jerusalem in 1967, and it was under the Old Town of Jerusalem and around it. Precisely, at the bottom […]

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The First Excavation in Jerusalem

The first excavation began in Jerusalem in 1863, before the Israeli occupation of Palestine.  This excavation was supervised by a French Mission headed by archaeologist […]

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Excavations Effects in Jerusalem

Excavations at the foot of Al-Aqsa Mosque have weakened the foundations of the mosque and had led to cracks in its’ walls and the collapse […]

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Prohibition of Excavations in the Occupied Territories

International law prohibits any systematic excavation of archaeological sites in the occupied territories. UNESCO has demanded that the excavations carried out by the occupation be […]

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What did the Excavations Reveal?

The occupation did not find evidence of a Jewish presence in or below Al- Aqsa Mosque, and what they found is only Islamic traces dating […]

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What does the Tunnel’s Network Contain?

There are sweeping and museums containing rooms and traces found by the occupation and attributed to themselves so that they rewrite the history of Jerusalem […]

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Who Manages these Excavations?

The extremist Elad settlement organization carries out the excavations by binding the Zionist Antiquities Authority. Its’ funders are President Benjamin Netanyahu and Israeli Culture Minister […]

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The Purpose of the Excavations

The occupation justifies drilling operations on the pretext of looking for traces of the alleged structure, but its aim is to overcome this, as the […]

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The Number of the Excavations

The number of the excavations at the bottom of Al-Aqsa and around it, reached about 64 fossils, distributed on the outskirts of Al-Aqsa as the following: […]

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The Southern Excavations of Al-Aqsa Mosque

The southern Excavations of Al-Aqsa Mosque began in 1967 and ended in 1968. They reached a depth of 14 m and ran down the southern […]

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