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Housing in Jerusalem

Proper and adequate housing is one of the civilian’s basic rights that the occupying Zionist Entity has taken away from the Jerusalemites. It also works to achieve political goals, through urban planning in the City of Jerusalem. The people of Jerusalem have faced a lot of problems regarding providing housing, for the sake of protecting the sacredness of the city and its Arab identity.

Jerusalemite Residents

Citizens of Jerusalem constitute 37% of the total population in Jerusalem and 67% in favor of Israeli settlements, while the occupation seeks to reduce their […]

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Owning a House in Jerusalem

The most common problems faced by the citizens of Jerusalem, when they want to own homes are: the high cost of housing in the city […]

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Demolition of Houses

The demolition order is issued on the homes of the sanctified, usually for lack of authorization. In some cases, the Zionist entity forces the owners […]

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Lack of Services

Citizens of Jerusalem suffer from a lack of infrastructure services, such as: roads, sewage, water systems, power lines and public services.

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Why does citizen of Jerusalem stand up?

Living outside the municipal boundaries of Jerusalem means that citizens of Jerusalem lose their Jerusalem identity and are therefore forced to live in unsuitable housing […]

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They Say: The Jerusalemite is a Resident not a Citizen

The Occupying Power considers Palestinians residing Jerusalem to be “residents” not “citizens” and thus: they have no rights in the area of ​​citizenship, but have […]

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Increase the Number of Jews

The policies of the occupation government encourage emigration to Jerusalem to increase the number of Jews in the city, and also stifle Jerusalem’s development and […]

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Need for Housing

As a result of the population increase in Jerusalem, the population of the city needs 35858 housing units until 2030, an average of 4482 new […]

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Economic Restrictions on Jerusalemites

The occupation seeks to impoverish the population of Jerusalem through the Barrier and the system of gates, and permits accompanying it; which prevented traders and […]

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The Outposts

A number of Jerusalem families are at risk of displacement due to settlement activity in Jerusalem, particularly in the Ancient Town, Silwan and Sheikh Jarrah, […]

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Sizes of Apartments

The average size of ​​apartments in Jerusalem varies greatly from one district to another. The average size of the apartment in the Old Town is […]

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Refusal of Building Plans

The occupation authorities reject many of the plans that the citizens of Jerusalem offer for building. The most important argument is that all these large […]

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