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Judaization of Jerusalem

We hear a lot about Judaization, especially when it comes to Jerusalem. Judaizing Jerusalem is a set of measures and policies the Zionist occupation and Jewish associations implement, in order to change the urban and demographic Arab and Islamic nature if the city, and give it a Western Jewish nature. They do this so that the City of Jerusalem becomes entirely Jewish. They work on 3 areas: the man, the land and what’s above and under it, and the holy sites.

Scheme of 2020

This scheme has been planned by the Israeli occupation with the aim of Judaizing all sectors of Jerusalem including development, health, and housing and residents, […]

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The Judaization of Jerusalem

The Judaization of Jerusalem is to replace the Arab character that exists in it with a Jewish character, and to remove its Arab and Islamic […]

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Excavations of Al-Aqsa Mosque

The excavations carried out by the occupation are focused on the western and southern areas of Al-Aqsa Mosque, in order to find any evidence of […]

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Means of Judaization

The Israeli strategy of judaizing Jerusalem has three pillars: expelling citizens of Jerusalem, replacing the settlers, and changing the identity of the place.

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Taking Over buildings

The occupation takes over the old buildings in Jerusalem and al-Aqsa and use them, we find it seeks to build the so-called “Synagogue Tnkzip” place […]

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Religious Tourism

Religious tourism is one of the strongest means used by the occupation to Judaize Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa Mosque, where it is easier for Jews and […]

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Demolition of the citizens of Jerusalem houses

Many citizens turn to unauthorized construction because of the high cost of the license, which could expose their homes to demolition in one of the […]

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The Judaization of Arabic Names

 The occupation seeks to falsify the facts by giving Jerusalem’s streets, neighborhoods and landmarks Hebrew names not related to Jerusalem. Such as Jabal Mukaber became […]

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Threatened Homes

In recent years, the occupation has increased the demolition of Palestinian buildings, and in the estimates of the Israeli occupation municipality in Jerusalem, the number […]

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Home License

The occupation puts restricts on the Palestinians in Jerusalem, especially the residents of the Old Town. It prevents them from building in their neighborhoods, and […]

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Jews are Underground

The occupation is working on the establishment of a Jewish city under and the Old Town of Jerusalem and what’s around it. The project is […]

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The Separation Wall and Citizens of Jerusalem

The Separation Wall has achieved several objectives for the occupation, the most important of which is the evacuation of 25% of the Jerusalemite citizens beyond […]

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