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Occupation Prisons

– The Zionist assault against the Jerusalemite prisoners continue to rise. – There are a lot of Jerusalemites in the Occupation’s prisons, and they are subjected to various violations, since the Occupation forces try diverse torture methods, physically and psychologically. – In this section, we will talk about some of these methods.

Medical Negligence of Prisoners

The injured detainee is subjected to negligence and procrastination in treatment and to refrain from performing surgeries, only after the protest of his colleagues for […]

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Hunger Strike / Al-Karameh Strike

The isolated prisoners took several protest steps against their isolation, one of which is turning down meals. In several cases, the open-ended hunger strike, with […]

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The Prisons Of The Occupation Entity

– The prisons in the entity of the Zionist occupation are about 28 prisons. – They practice all kinds of torture and repression, which sometimes […]

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The stealth method is one of the most frequently used methods of torture in Israeli jails. The detainee is forced to stand or sit in […]

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Psychological Torture

– The interrogators turned to psychological torture methods, so that they do not leavemarks on their body and prove a case against them in the […]

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Prisoners In Israeli Jails

– Since the moment of their arrest, women prisoners have been subjected to beatings and humiliation. – They are subjected to all kinds of psychological […]

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Methods Of Torture

– The methods of torture used in the prisons of the Israeli violent shaking, which leads to fainting and hallucinations, and the erosion of the […]

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Israeli Prisons Are Not Habitable For Human Use

– A report by an Israeli Knesset member in 2001 stated that there are at least 8 prisons in the occupation entity that are unfit […]

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Insulting The Detainee

When the occupation forces arrest any person, the first thing they do is to insult him and beat him with their shoes and guns and […]

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” Masqoubiya” – is a center of investigation and arrest, located in the city of Jerusalem, and it is called ;Slaughterhouse"! – It is often […]

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Transferring Sick Prisoners

– Prison administrations are delaying the transfer of incurable hospital cases. – Even worse, when they do, they use unhealthy closed vehicles, rather than ambulances. […]

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Infectious Diseases

– The absence of rooms and isolation cells for infectious diseases, such as acute viral infections, infectious diseases and scabies, leads to the rapid spread […]

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