Dier Yaseen Village

Location: Located west of Jerusalem, about 4 km away.
Name: The origin of the name of a monastery built by a monk village housing in the twelfth century AD and called the old (Monastery of victory) and Yassin compared to Sheikh Yassin Imam of the village mosque, and the village between the monastery and the mosque.
Its area of ​​land is: (2857) dunums.
Surrounding villages: Lifta, Kedonia and Ein Karem.
The most important characteristic of the village is: its archeological site, which contains medieval walls, walls and tombs. The armed Zionist organizations, after the massacre of the children, women and the elderly by the Argonne and Shteon terrorist organizations led by Menachem Begin, massacred more than 250 people in 9/4/1948 and displace everyone.