Jerusalem and the Hashemites

Jerusalem and the Hashemites


The Hashemites have preserved the Islamic sanctities since ever, especially in Jerusalem. Al-Aqsa Mosque was and is still under the trusteeship of the Hashemites. They defend Al-Aqsa Mosque and stand against the Zionist enemy, its oppressive decisions, and the burning and destruction attacks on it, via the several Hashemite reconstruction campaigns.


The Hashemite Reconstruction Campaigns

The First Hashemite Renovation :

Hussein bin Ali, Sharif of Mecca, carried out the first Hashemite renovation in 1924. He donated 50,000 gold lira to renovate Al-Aqsa Mosque. This helped in the survival of the mosque when a strong earthquake hit in 1927

The Second Hashemite Renovation :

This second phase of renovation was during the time of King Hussein bin Talal. In 1956-1964, Jordan has renovated the outer walls of Al-Aqsa Mosque and installed marble pillars and stained-glass windows. Also, they renovated the mosaic in the Dome of the Rock.

The Third Hashemite Renovation :

After Al-Aqsa Mosque was burnt in 1969, at his own expense, King Hussein bin Talal has renovated Al-Qibli Mosque, and brought it back to its earlier state. Also, he replaced the old aluminum boards in the Dome of the Rock with gilded coppery ones.

The Fourth Hashemite Renovation :

King Abdullah II has carried out the 4th Hashemite renovation. He had the alarming systems and infrastructure in Al-Qibli Mosque repaired. Also, many technical works were done in the Holy Dome of the Rock. Moreover, he established a renovation committee for Al-Aqsa Mosque.