The Jewish Organizations

The Jewish Organizations


There are a lot of active Jewish organizations, including historical,
external, and international ones, that take care of the Jewish people
and their matters. They’ve worked to strengthen and empower the
Jewish nation among other nations and peoples.

Historical Organizations

-The Union of Orthodox Jewish Sects.
-The Dönmeh.
-Palestine Jewish Colonization Association.
-Jewish National Council.
-Jewish Agency for Israel.


Its members define it as a national movement that aims at the
Jewish “repatriation”, and the resumption of the Jewish sovereignty
over Israel. Yet, the truth proves otherwise! It is an organization
that works to occupy lands, by penetrating the major political
forces, not to mention that Jews are of different races, and do not
have a specific land.
Its founding:
The journalist Theodor Herzl is its founder. He saw that Jews must
be mobilized in the Palestinian land. In 1897, he called for a
congress in Basel, Switzerland, to establish a national home for
Jews, and he had their support.

The Union of Orthodox Jewish Sects

It is a union that brings together Orthodox Jews in New York. It was
first held in 1989. Since then, it is held once every two years, to
search for a work plan and discuss Orthodox Jews’ issues.
This union carries out many activities supporting the Occupying
Entity, related to social relations, education, and military forces.
Each activity is overseen by a competent body.

The Dönmeh Organization/ Association

The word “Dönmeh” is a Turkish word that means “to renounce”,
i.e. to renounce one’s religion, specifically Islam, and convert to
Originally, they are a group of Jews escaped the oppression in
Spain, and sought refuge in the Ottoman Empire, so they pretended
to be Muslims. They played a big role in the fall down of the empire,
and the establishment of what is called the Committee of Union
and Progress. They had big relations with the Freemasonry, as they
were able to have an impact on the states’ decisions regarding the
establishment of Israel.

Palestine Jewish Colonization Association, PICA

It is an association established in 1891, as a Jewish charitable
association. It aimed at helping Jews to migrate from the country
that oppresses them to anywhere else in the world. After
establishing what’s called the “State of Israel”, the association
started its activities in Palestine. It focused its efforts on
settlements, and displaced the Palestinians, the real owners of the
land, to establish Jewish settlements and make Jews live in them.

Jewish National Council

This council is known as “Va'ad Le'umi”. It supported the Zionist existence in Palestine, between 1930 – 1948.
In cooperation with
the Jewish Agency for Israel, the members of this council were
responsible for the economic and military activities of Jews.
The Importance of this Council:
The importance of this council lies in defining the Zionist existence
on the Palestinian land, using a program prepared and
implemented in cooperation with the Jewish Agency for Israel.

The Jewish Agency for Israel

This agency was established in Palestine in 1922, based on the
mandate document that included Balfour’s declaration. The
declaration stated that this agency is an advisory body for the
administration of Palestine, and the cooperation with the British
government, regarding the economic and social issues, and other
kinds of issues.
After the establishment of the Occupying Entity, these
competences were turned to the government, as the agency’s work
continued in some fields.

External Organizations

-Reform Judaism Association.
-The Hadassah.
-The National Association.
-The Women’s Union.

Reform Judaism Association, ARZA

An organization appeared in the US. It represents the Reform Jews.
Since 1973, its changed its goal to providing Israel with support, and
defending its security, through its impact on the American policy
regarding Israel. Also, they help those who want to migrate to the
Palestinian occupied land, and promote tourism to it as well.

The Women’s Zionist Organization of America, the Hadassah

“Hadassah” is the Hebrew name of the common myrtle tree or the
Basil tree. It is used to refer to the archetypal queen Esther. It is a
women’s organization established in 1912, when its founder
Henrietta Szold, along with other lady members of the Daughters of
Zion seminars, decided to expand into a national organization. The
organization aims at making thousands of young people embrace
Judaism, and then adopt the Zionist ideology. It is the biggest
female Zionist organization in the world.

The Jewish National Association

This association has been established in every country where Jews
live in large numbers. Its goal is to support child-rearing, and help
women and young people. Also, it gives attention to the
organization of the Jewish communities, and takes care of the
related projects.

The Jewish Women’s Union

It’s a union of the sisterhoods of the conservative Jewish groups. It
was established in the US in 1917. This union cares about the Jewish
educational curricula, institutes, and libraries. It supports the
Theology Institute in America, and oversees radio and TV programs
that address children.

International Organizations

– Freemasonry.
-Rotary Clubs.
-Lions Clubs International.
-Bnai Brith International.

The Freemasonry:

Its members define it as a set of moral teachings and secret
brotherhoods that apply these teachings. Its members are not
masons (freemasons/ builders). Yet, it is in fact a Jewish movement
that aims at eradicating other religions like Islam and Christianity.
Also, it aims at destroying human communities, by imposing the
Jewish domination on them, using all the means possible.

The Masonic Main Groups:
– Symbolic Freemasonry: for common people
– Majestic Freemasonry: just for Jews and people who got to level
– Universal Freemasonry: only for the leaders of the Zionist work

Rotary Clubs

A Jewish organization that has connections with the Freemasonry. It
claims that it works to improve the linkages and coordination
between the different groups. Ostensibly, its activities are social,
cultural, and economic. It aims at accessing high positions in the
world’s countries, and penetrating groups under the pretext of
tolerance. The International Islamic Fiqh Academy has prohibited
dealing with these clubs, because they contrast sharply with the
Islamic rules.

Lions Clubs International

A group of allegedly charitable clubs. In fact, they represent an arm
for the Freemasonry. Jewish figures control these clubs, aiming at
taking over the world and spreading corruption all over it.
The likes of these clubs are dangerous, because they separate
religion from the aspects of life. Due to their ability to access
communities, they can dig into the secrets of businessmen and
economic projects. They hold raves claiming them to be charitable,
and then share the information they gather with the organization’s
international center in the US.

Bnai Brith International

This association was founded in New York, in 1943, and then it has
spread worldwide. Like other associations, it ostensibly aims at
human and charitable work, but in fact it aims at eradicating
religion, morals, and governments around the world. It’s very active
in the US and Britain.

American-Israel Public Affairs Committee, AIPAC

It’s a Zionist committee and organization that was found in 1959.
It’s one of the major lobbies in the American policies.
The organization’s main goal is to provide American material and
moral support to the Zionist Entity that exists on the Palestinian
land. Also, they aim at marshalling international efforts against any
resolution taken by the countries that is in the interest of Arabs and
Palestinians. It is provided with huge international financial and
public information support, and is considered the second strongest
Zionist organization in the world, after the Freemasonry.