A hospital is a center for patients to receive proper treatment. -In the Old Town in Jerusalem, there are two historic hospitals; Al-Hospice Hospital and Al-Khstmanah Hospital.

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  • Al-Khastamneh (Ottoman Hospital / Dar Al-Ezz

    landmark position
    In the way of the valley.

    Details of the shape
    The building consists of nine rooms and a store, in addition to the garden “Al Hkora”.

    An Overview of the Landmark
    affliated with the Islamic Waqf, and inhabited by several families.

  • Hospeace Hospital

    Landmark History:
     Austria purchased the land in 1855 and built the Austrian Hostel for the Holy Family, which opened in 1863.

    Reason of the name:
    Its name came in the meaning of (House of Peace).

    Builder Name:
     Built by order from the emperor Franz Josef.

    landmark position
    -Located in the heart of the old city of Jerusalem and overlooking the Al-al’alam Road and Alqiama church, at the crossroads leading to Bab al-Amoud and Haret Bab al-Wad in Jerusalem.

    Details of the shape
    -Similar to the building of the palaces surrounding the streets of the city center in Vienna, the roof of the building overlooking the Old Town and surrounding areas is a starting point to explore the historic city.
    -The building consists of four floors, with 40 rooms overlooking the Old Town and the Holy Places, the Austrian Church and the Austrian Cultural Center.
    -Once the visitor enters the place, the noise of alleys of the Old Town and its streets disappear.
    -The building surrounded by a large orchard called “Oasis of Peace”, also in the orchard Hospice three historical wells relied on a source of water, and the Austrian Cultural Center contains important historical manuscript kept with a huge library for fear of damage.

    Additional Information about the landmark
    -The building originally built to be the residence of Austrian Emperor Francois Joseph when he visited Jerusalem and slept there when he visited Jerusalem in 1869.
    - He considered an avenger for the inhabitants of the old city before the Zionist entity closed it in the mid-1980s, everyone in Old Town treated in it, and some patient came from many cities from the west bank, but the authorities of the Zionist entity closed it and turned all its patients to the Zionist Hadassah hospital.
    - Large demonstrations then carried out to force the Zionist entity to abandon its decision, but hit the demands of the population walled and pushed large forces of the army and police to control the hospital and expel all of it.

    Past and present hospital:
    - The hospital built by order of Emperor Franz Joseph to be a hostel for the Austrians, and remained the same until it used as a hospital in the late British Mandate by a decision of the British Ministry of Health converted to a military hospital,
    -However, in the same year turned into a civil hospital after the Kingdom of Jordan took control of the eastern part of Jerusalem, was health vent for the town dwellers, before closing it by The Zionist entity at middle of eighteenth decade.
    -It was a big hospital in the early days, served all the inhabitants of the town with low wages and in many cases free of charge. It affiliated to the Austrian government, then converted to hotel receives tourists from all countries of the world.