A shrine is a specific area of land designated for the burial of the dead. Shrines differ in their shapes and sizes; some are huge and some have a size of only a few meters. They have various shapes.

In the Old Town, there are two historical shrines; the shrine of Al-Mujahed Saad Al-Din Al-Rasafi and the Shrine of Sheikh Rihan, may God have mercy on them both.

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  • The Shrine of the Mujahid Saad Al – Din Al – Rasafi

    Reason of the name: after Mujahid Saad al-Din al-Rasafi whose body was buried in it.

    *Located inside the Tikia of Khaski Soliman, next to the Bab Al Nazir, 50 meters from the Al Aqsa, in the center of the Islamic quarter

  • The Shrine of the Companion Sheikh Rihan

    Reason of the name: Located in the Al Sa'adiyah neighborhood, in the Sheikh Rihan obstacle, inside the Sheikh Rihan Mosque.

    the Companion Abu Rihana Chamoun bin Yazid bin Khanafah al – Azadi, freed from slavery by the messenger of Allah Mohammed – peace be upon him. He lived in Jerusalem and narrated five Hadeeth about the Prophet.