A tower is a high architectural facility, used for fortification in time of war. Because Jerusalem has suffered many wars, the Old Town has two towers; Al-Laqlaq Tower and Al-Kabreet Tower. They both date back to the Ayyubids period.

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  • Al Laqlaq Tower

    Landmark History:
    Built by Ayyubids in (583 AH / 1187 AD). It rebuilt as part of the Ottoman Sultan Suleiman al-Qanuni project to restore the wall of Jerusalem in 947 AH / 1540 AD.

    Builder Name:
    It seems that it dates back to the forts that were built by Ayyubids in the wall of Jerusalem after the liberation of Salah al-Din of the city. The Ottomans then rebuilt it.

    It’s Location in Respect of the Old Town:
    – Located in the northeastern corner of Jerusalem wall.

    Details of the shape:
    This tower is not functional and architecturally different from the tower of sulfur, but it consists of two layers, reaching them through a small and simple western entrance, leading to a broken and rectangular corridor that covered with a roof like a semi-barrel vault.The walls of the first layer characterized as a huge wall, to be suit with the northern, eastern and southern walls, as they form sections of the wall of Jerusalem.
    There is a small hall resembling the Iwan within this layer covered with a crossbow.

    A stone staircase leading to the entrance leads to the second layer, and there is an upper passageway leading to the city wall itself, shared by the roundabout around the city.


  • Kabrit Tower

    Landmark History:
    It seems that it was due to the restore that the Ayyubids built it in the city wall of Jerusalem after the liberation of Salah al-Din of the city in 583 AH / 1187 AD. It rebuilt in AH 947 AH / 1540 AD, from the Stone restoration inscription present at the middle of southern façade from the outside.

    Builder Name:
    Built in the Ayyubids era, and rebuilt after them Ottomans.

    It’s Location in Respect of the Old Town:
    In the southern side of the wall of Jerusalem, specifically in the area between Bab Al Mghariba and Bab Dawood.

    Details of the shape:
    -The tower takes a rectangular shape consisting of three layers, accessed through a small northern entrance inside the fence, and intersects the walls of the south, west and east of the first two layers a number of vertical holes that allow vertical monitoring and throwing, also provides protection to the entrants behind, it called “Al Maghazil”.
    -The second layer is an open courtyard, bordered by all sides except the north overlooking Al-Aqsa Mosque ends of the height of the fence, which rises almost height from the open arena height around length of the man, these heights enable soldiers to explore the city, monitor the enemy if it besieged, and defend it if attacked.
    -The tower is a military architectural facility and its mission is to strengthen and fortify the city wall to defend it.

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