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Gilad Shalit

Was recruited in 2005 according to forced recruitment in the occupation state, and in 2006 was arrested by the Palestinian resistance, where he was captured […]

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Beit Eksa Village

Location: To the northwest of Jerusalem, about 9 km. Occupation Year: 1948 AD. The surrounding villages: Beit Hanina, Nabi Samuel, Beit Surik. The most important […]

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Demolition of Houses

The demolition order is issued on the homes of the sanctified, usually for lack of authorization. In some cases, the Zionist entity forces the owners […]

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The Responsibility of Religious Courts and Islamic Endowments

The religious courts, Islamic endowments, and Al-Aqsa Mosque have remained under the control of Jordan as precious institutions that need to be protected from the […]

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Shimon Peres

Shimon Peres gained his fame after the Oslo agreement and is considered the architect of the nuclear program! He led a military aggression in which […]

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What are the most difficult experiences that a defender goes through?

The most difficult things that AlAqsa defenders experience are when they are deprived from entering the mosque, attacked and insulted by the Israeli soldiers, and […]

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Aftimos Market

It was named after one of the Christian clergymen in the city. He built this market in 1902, in the Ottoman era. The market is […]

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The First Excavations after the Israeli Occupation

The occupation resumed the excavations in Jerusalem in 1967, and it was under the Old Town of Jerusalem and around it. Precisely, at the bottom […]

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Jews are Underground

The occupation is working on the establishment of a Jewish city under and the Old Town of Jerusalem and what’s around it. The project is […]

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Supporting AlAqsa Defenders “Al-Murabiteen”

We can support AlAqsa defenders from outside Jerusalem by holding conferences and symposia, revealing the occupation’s practices on social media, spreading awareness on AlAqsa mosque-related […]

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Menachem Begin

He is the sixth prime minister of the occupying state and the founder of the far-right Likud party. As a result of the Zionist idea, […]

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Al-Omari Conquest

Jerusalem was liberated during the reign of “Amir Al-Mo’mineen”, Prince of the Believers, Omar ibn al-Khattab, led by Abu Ubaidah bin Jarrah – may Allah […]

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