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A Land where Angeles and Prophets Have Prayed

This place of Jerusalem, it was reported by Ibn Abbas and described the House of Jerusalem by saying ((and there is no inch in that […]

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Jerusalem (The Holy Land)

“The Holy Land” is the land Jerusalem is mentioned in the words of Allah in Surat Al-Maa’idah: “O my people, enter the Holy Land, which […]

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Roman Buildings in Jerusalem

When the Romans came and took control of Jerusalem, they built the walls of the Ancient Town, and built the Holy Sepulcher and many other […]

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Suleiman’s Building in Jerusalem

The Jews believe that Suleiman (prophet Solomon) built their temple on the plateau of Moriah, in Al-Aqsa Mosque, and considered it the holiest place on […]

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Jerusalemite Residents

Citizens of Jerusalem constitute 37% of the total population in Jerusalem and 67% in favor of Israeli settlements, while the occupation seeks to reduce their […]

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The Connection between Al-Aqsa and Al-Kaaba

A study conducted by Dr. Haitham Al-Rattrout confirms that the shape of Al-Aqsa Mosque and the original building of Al-Kabah are identical, and this indicates […]

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Jews celebrate the Hanukkah to commemorate the reconstruction of Al-Aqsa Mosque that happened in 164 B.C. Greeks took over Jerusalem, and persecuted Jews who were […]

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Tisha B’Av

The 9th of August is a fateful day for Jews. It marks the destruction of their alleged Temple, twice. On that day, they practice mourning […]

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Ashura is the 10th day of the Hijri month Muharram, where very important historic events have happened. This was the day that Prophet Moses was […]

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A corner is a place for worship. One of the religious ascetics a group of followers for worship and remembrance of Allah. During the Mamluk […]

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Ash-Sheikh Makki Mosque

Named after the Mujahid Sheikh Makki. It is a small mosque with an Ottoman style. It is in As-Sa’diya Quarter. The mosque has recently been […]

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The Mosque of Al-Moulawiyya Corner

 It was built in the Crusader era. The mosque is located near Al-Mi’thanah Al-Hamra’a Mosque. It was turned into a mosque during the Ottoman era. […]

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