Landmark History: Established in 610 AH (1213 AD) before the martyrdom of Prince Badr al-Din in a confrontation with the Franks near Nablus.
Reason of the name: Named after Badr al - Din Muhammad ibn Abi Qasim al - Hakari.
Builder Name: Its origin and position on the scholars of the Shaafa'is, one of the princes of the great king, Badr al-Din Muhammad bin Abi Qasim al-Hakari and his advisers.

– Located in the Al-Wad neighborhood of Jerusalem, on the western side of the Qurami road, not far from the Lualoaia School.

– The entrance to the school topped by a pointed contract topped by the foundation inscription and in the western part of it a large tomb of stone, while the other parts demolished and merged with the adjacent buildings.

-The owners of the Al-Badriya family sold it to a group from A’AL almani.

According to the documents of the Heritage and Islamic Research Foundation, the Almani shared their disposition with the Tuttungi family in the late Ottoman period, based on the establishment, That he had overcome them to work and teach the jurisprudence of Shafi’i, and perhaps studied other subjects.