Landmark Location: Located south of the Old Town, in the Harat Al-Sharaf between the Jews and Armenians
Reason of the name: For the Al-Sirian Christians.

It is one of the oldest libraries in Jerusalem, and the shelves of the library with manuscripts and documents as well as various Sultanan Fermanat,
Indexed and collected by Yusuf Istvan Al-Siriani in 1925, he pointed out that the oldest Islamic documents dating back to 825 AH / 1421, most recently dated in 1306 AH / 1888 AD.
It written in the Arabic language and some in Turkish. Cont Philip di Tarazi said that he had read the manuscript catalog of the monastery and found 362 manuscripts, some of which written on the skins of the Dir, and some of them were decorated with wonderful pictures, including ancient instruments, arguments and letters. Researchers in the dates of Orient, especially Beit al-Muqds.