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The conquests in Jerusalem

There have been two conquests of Jerusalem; one in the time of the Rightly Guided Caliph, by Omar bin Al-Khattab, and the other by Saladin Al-Ayyoubi. The first conquest is the Omari Conquest that was accomplished through following the plan and will of prophet Mohammed, PBUH The second conquest was at the hands of Saladin Al-Ayyoubi, implementing the plan of Imad Al-Din Zinki, where the later died before carrying it out entirely, so his son Noor Al-Din Zinki continued with his plans, and then Saladin Al-Ayyoubi followed their steps and liberated the city.  

When Did The Islamic Conquest Of Jerusalem Begin?

The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) headed Al-Sihaba – Peace be upon them all-, towards the Levant and Jerusalem in many […]

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The Battle Of Tabuk And Jerusalem

In the Battle of Tabuk, the Prophet (peace be upon him) concluded many agreements with several cities that helped the conquest of the Umayyad army […]

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Al-Maqna is located in the Arabian Peninsula (Saudi Arabia currently) on the coast of the Red Sea on the coastal road. The Prophet held an […]

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The town of Al-Athrah is located in the Jordanian city: Ma’an. The Prophet has signed an agreement with them to provide protection and support to […]

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Al-Aqaba And Jerusalem

The city of Ayla (currently Aqaba) is located in the Levant (currently south of Jordan) on the coastal road, the last inhabited station before the […]

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First Signs Of Jerusalem Conquest

One of the first good tidings. Jerusalem was in Al-Hadith of the Prophet -peace be upon him- when he told them about the signs of […]

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The Army Of Abu Bakr Al-siddiq

Abu Bakr, -may Allah be pleased with him-, sent several armies towards Jerusalem to conquer it, but during the transmission, he died, so, Omar Bin […]

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The Armies That Headed Toward Jerusalem

Abu Bakr al-Siddiq sent four armies to Jerusalem, and gave each one of these leaders the control ;these leaders are: Abu Ubaidah ibn al-Jarrah, Amr […]

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Al-Omari Conquest

Jerusalem was liberated during the reign of “Amir Al-Mo’mineen”, Prince of the Believers, Omar ibn al-Khattab, led by Abu Ubaidah bin Jarrah – may Allah […]

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The siege of Jerusalem

The Muslim armies besieged Jerusalem for four months. The Patriarch then sent a request for reconciliation to the Muslims. After he knew Omar Ibn al-Khattab’s […]

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The conquest Strategy

The strategy developed by Imad al-Din Zanki to conquer Jerusalem on three things: the unification of the Levant, where they were tiny states, and then […]

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Jabal Al-mkabar

The name of Jabal al-Mukabber was named after Omar ibn al-Khattab (may Allah be pleased with him) when he arrived in Jerusalem to receive its […]

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