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The History Of Jerusalem Before Islam

– The land of Bayt Al-Maqdis has witnessed many events and conflicts before Islam. – Many prophets entered the city to spread monotheism and make reformations, from Adam to Jesus, peace be upon them .But, who is the builder of Al-Aqsa Mosque? And how was the city before sending Mohammed the messenger?

The First Coin That Holds Jerusalem’s Name

In the era of Caliph “Muawiyah Bin Abi Sufyan”. The  first coin was minted. It had the word “Elijah” en-graved on it. (Elijah  is Jerusalem’s name, […]

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The First Residents In Jerusalem

The Jebusites are the first Inhabitants of Jerusalem, six thousand years ago. They are of Arab origin. They lived in “Silwan City” in Jerusalem, which […]

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The Entry Of Jerusalem By David The Prophet -peace be upon him-

He walked into Jerusalem after Goliath’s defeat; he killed him and came to Jerusalem as a conqueror, and it was the first conquest of Jerusalem […]

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Sulieman The Prophet And Jerusalem

When David – peace be upon him – died, Suleiman – peace be upon him – took the control after him, and has rebuilt Al-Aqsa […]

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Jerusalem Is Elijah

Emperor Hadrian, who was called “Hadrian”, who managed to eliminate the coup against the Romans and destroyed what they built. Jerusalem was known as Elias […]

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Babylonian Captivity

When the Babylonians took control of Bilad Al-Sham, they recruited a Jew to lead the rest of the Jews in Palestine, until he revolutionize, therefore, […]

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