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Excavations of Umayyad Palaces

There is an area called the “Umayyad palaces”. These excavations extend from it to “Silwan City” and a tunnel extends up to Al-Buraq Square to […]

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As-Sahera Gate

It is on the eastern side of the Northern Wall of the city. During the time of the Crusader occupation of Jerusalem, the gate was […]

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Al-Asbat Gate

The only open gate in the Eastern Wall. It’s not the same Asbat Gate in the Northern Wall of Al-Aqsa Mosque. The gate was named […]

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Al-Khalil Gate

It is in the middle of the Western Wall of the city. Back in the day, it was known as Bab Yafa (Jaffa Gate), and […]

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Al-A’moud Gate

One of the biggest and most famous gates of Jerusalem. It is in the middle of the Northern Wall of the city. It is also […]

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Al-Jadeed Gate

This gate is in the western side of the Northern Wall of Jerusalem. It connects the people of the Old Town with Notre Dame Complex, […]

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An-Nabi Dawood Gate

It is in the Southern Wall of the city. It’s a big gate that leads to a yard within the wall. The gate is also […]

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Bani Hasan Mosque

It is named after Sheikh Hasan, a righteous man wo lived in Jerusalem. It is on Sheikh Hasan Alley, near Bab Hitta Quarter. The mosque […]

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Al-Maghariba Gate

It is located in the Western Wall of the city. It’s not the same gate west of Al-Aqsa Mosque. This gate used to lead to […]

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Al-Mi’thanah Al-Hamra’a Mosque

It was built by Ala’a Ad-Din Al-Khlwati in 1533. It was named after a red wire that surrounded the window of its minaret. The architectural […]

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Ash-Sheikh Rihan Mosque – Al-Hanabilah Mosque

An old mosque that was built during the time of the Ottoman Sultan Ahmed I, in 1611 (1019 A.H). the mosque is in As-Sa’diya Quarter, […]

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The Mosque of An-Naqshbndiya Corner

It was built in the Ottoman era. It is a few meters far from Al-Ghawanma Gate on Via Dolorosa, across Habs Al-Maseeh Church. It is […]

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